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Environmental Consultancy Service

  •   No objection Certificate(NOC) / Consent to Establish (CTE)

  •   Consent to Operate (CTO)

  •   Application for Change in Product Mix (CTE- Product Mix)

  •   Treatability and feasibility studies

  •   Authorization under Hazardous and Other Waste (Management & transbounday) Rules,2016

  •   Authorization under Plastic Waste Management Rules,2016

  •   Scrap import/export authorization.

  •   Compliance report preparation and submission for Environmental Clearance, Consent to Establish and Consent to Operate

  •   Environmental Statement (form-V) and other statutory submission on yearly and monthly basis.

  •   Application of Revocation of Closure Order

  •   Environmental Management Plan

  •   Environmental Clearance for Building Construction Projects(B1 category) and Mining (B2 category)

  •   CGWA Permission

  •   Water Harvesting