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Engineering Service

  • Turnkey Projects
  • Solid/Municipal waste management
  • Other services

We carry out Turnkey projects Effluent/Water treatment plants which includes the activities like Site visit, Design & Preparation of detailed engineering drawings, supply, erection of all Mechanical, Electrical, Instrumentation and Piping works, Commissioning of plant to achieve the desired output based on the design and submission of operation manual for the client to ease the operating procedures on long-term basis.

We provide treatment based on Physico-chemical, Biological and advanced systems in form of Membrane Bio-Reactor, Moving Bed Bio-Reactors, Sequential Batch Reactors, Zero Liquid Discharge System - Reverse Osmosis followed by Multiple Effect Evaporator for various types of industries.

We also offer STP based on extended aeration along with UV disinfection system.

We provide one step solution for the management of solid/municipal waste beginning from centralised debries collection chutes , garbage collection chutes to Organic Waste Convertor.

Organic waste Converter technology is an environmentally friendly alternative to other traditional means of waste disposal that waste conversion results in a small carbon footprint, avoids polluting emissions into the atmosphere, and results in a usable end product such as biofuel, soil compost. This technology has found application in diverse waste-producing industrial segments. Hospitals, clinics, municipal waste facilities, farms, slaughterhouses, supermarkets, ports, sea vessels, and airports.

  • Performance Improvement of treatment plants

  • Operation and Maintenance of treatment Plants

  • Operation and Maintenance of air pollution control systems